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Walls shouldn’t divide us, they should unite us.

Wall That Unites is a global project to create artworks of hope and unity, that when stitched together will match the length of the proposed Mexican border wall - 1,900 miles.

But to do that, we need your help.

We need you to join the movement - be it pick up some paint, donate a wall, or spread the word.

Together we can send a clear message that it's with unity, not division, that we’ll make America great.

Let’s build a great wall.



Create Art.

Find a wall. Make sure you have permission to use it. Then create your message of unity. This is your movement. So create the message you want to be heard. Be it a painting, a projection, a chalk drawing, anything you can imagine. Then measure and write the width of the wall so we can accurately add it to our wall, getting us all closer to 1,900 miles.

Use your art.

If you’ve already done a wall and want it to be part of the #WallThatUnites project, simply download our stencil, paint it on, add its width, and then send us a photo so we can add it to the project.

Donate a wall.

If you have a space that you’re willing to donate, contact us and we’ll match you with an artist in your area.

Recruit a wall.

If you know of a wall that would be great for this, approach the wall’s owner, tell them about our project, and see if they would like to get involved. The more walls we get, the bigger the #WallThatUnites gets.

Spread the word.

Let people know about #WallThatUnites through your social networks, spread our message, and help get this wall built.

Like so many other people, we are against the message that a giant border wall between the US and Mexico sends. As the impact of globalization continues to change the way we see the world, we need values of tolerance, unity, and harmony more than ever. It’s through diversity, not division, that our country and world will become great again.

Yes. This might be an audacious goal, but it’s possible. This topic affects us all, so we must create, build, and work together to give people a voice and make a positive difference.


The more walls that have the #WallThatUnites logo the better. Download the stencil here and add it to your artwork and wall. Then measure and write the width of your wall so we can accurately add it to the #WallThatUnites, getting us all closer to 1,900 miles.